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SPECIFICATIONS: Master Air model EH Type I canopy-style exhaust hoods are for use above a broad spectrum of grease, smoke, and heat producing equipment. Hood body to be constructed of 18- gauge type 304 stainless steel with double-thickness end panels. UL 710 Listed construction without exhaust dampers. Canopy construction meets NSF standards. All exposed welds to be ground smooth and polished to face. Factory-installed hanger brackets to be mounted a maximum of 60” on center. Integral concealed stainless steel bottom grease filter frame forms a pitched drip guard draining to a removable stainless steel drip pan. Removable UL Classified stainless steel baffle-style grease filters to be included and to run the length of the hood, with stainless steel blank-off panels as required. Low profile recessed LED light fixtures, UL Listed and constructed for use in grease-laden environments, to be included and pre-wired to junction box on top of the hood. Hood to include an auto start control system as required by the International Mechanical Code. Temperature sensor to monitor differential between room ambient and hood interface temperatures, activating the hood system fans if the temperature differential should exceed a preset limit. Temperature sensor to be factory-mounted in hood and pre-wired to same junction box as lights. Optional make-up air plenums can be mounted flush with ceiling or exposed, below. Flush plenums to be constructed of white-clad steel to match ceiling grid. Exposed plenums to be constructed of stainless steel to match canopy. Plenums to include spin-in collars, each with balancing damper. Optional top bulkhead extending to ceiling to be constructed to match hood.

Standard Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction, 18 gauge with #4B Finish where exposed.

  • Double-thickness end panels for added strength

  • Concealed pitched grease collection trough

  • Removable grease catch pan

  • Factory-installed exhaust collar

  • Temperature sensor for auto start

  • Removable UL Listed stainless steel baffle-style grease filters

  • Pre-wired UL Listed recessed LED light fixtures

  • Hanger brackets

  • Front Wireway with Control Switches

  • UL 710 Listed construction

  • NSF Certified

Optional Features

  • Make-up air plenum(s) Stainless steel top bulkhead

  • Integral rear spacer to provide 3” air gap (custom spacers available) Integral  End  Spacer  to  provide  3”  air  gap Insulated Top Liner for reduced clearance to combustibles

  • End Curtains for reduced clearance to cooking surface, constructed to match hood

  • Pitched end panels for vertically-tight spaces Stainless steel wall liner between floor and hood Remotely-mounted control switches

  • Fire Suppression System (UL 300 Listed liquid chemical type)

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