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About Us

Master Air has designed, manufactured and installed commercial foodservice ventilation systems since 1968. 

Continuing our tradition of excellence, Master Air is well positioned to provide quality equipment and system designs that work.  We are your complete design and build food service contractor.  Our full line of kitchen ventilation, utility distribution and control products are U.L., E.T.L. and NSF listed and produced with pride at our facility in Lebanon, Indiana. 

Experience, facilities, and desire to please its customers enable the Master Air Division of Newjac to successfully complete your project. 

Listed below are a few of Master Air's capabilities:

  • Complete System Design

  • Hoods

  • Interior Architectural Metal Packages

  • Utility Distribution Systems

  • Standard and Custom Exhaust Fans

  • Tempered Make-Up Air Units

  • Ductwork and Installation

  • Site survey & evaluation


Master Air Inc. was started in a small shop on Indy’s near east side in 1968 by Les Brown.  He did not know it then, but his kitchen hoods would become an iconic brand that is now known throughout the Midwest as the standard for commercial kitchen hood systems. Master Air was launched just 7 years after NFPA 96 (National Fire Code Regulating Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems) was put into place.  This code was a game changer that required all restaurants and public commercial kitchens to utilize kitchen hoods to maintain proper sanitation and safety for the public.


Right from the start Master Air Inc. was a pioneer in the design and operation of their kitchen hoods. Proving to be long-lasting and reliable, their hoods quickly became the gold standard for Food Service Designers to specify.  Master Air has always been unique, because they provide installation of their hoods, make up airs, exhaust fans, controls, and ductwork to tie it all together.  This carries on today as Master Air continues as a complete supplier of commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems that will outlast most buildings.


The Brown’s continued ownership until 1990 when they sold their ownership to Apex Ventilation Inc.  The shop was moved to the northside of Indianapolis next to Apex’s headquarters.  When the Brown’s sold the business to Apex, Loren Gard, who had started with Master Air in 1984, was running the business.  With the financial support of Apex and the leadership of Loren the company continued to thrive and grow in more markets.  Loren created strategic relationships with designers that continue to support the business today.  Apex and Loren worked out a deal that gave Loren ownership of the business in 1998 and Master Air continued with their business adding a Make Up Air to their line of items that they manufactured.  Loren stayed at the helm of Master Air until he decided to sell the business in 2005 to Bob Newton with Newjac Industrial.  Master Air then became a division of Newjac, and they moved the shop up to Lebanon, IN where it still resides today.  Loren Gard remained President of Master Air until 2014 when he became President of Newjac Industrial.  Loren was then in charge of Newjac Industrial until 2016 when he officially retired but remains a trusted adviser to Master Air even today.  In 2018 Greg Fuller purchased Newjac Industrial along with Master Air.   


Master Air is still dedicated to quality and service that has been the staple of a successful business for many years.

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